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Esteban 21:01 14/03/16

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Broderick 20:22 14/03/16

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Kaitlyn 17:39 14/03/16

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Milford 17:14 14/03/16

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Doyle 17:01 14/03/16

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Bradford 16:18 14/03/16

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Hipolito 15:32 14/03/16

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Pedro 14:53 14/03/16

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Mervin 14:40 14/03/16

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Jarod 14:40 14/03/16

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Marlin 14:10 14/03/16

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Arnoldo 13:36 14/03/16

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Johnie 13:32 14/03/16

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Danielle 13:14 14/03/16

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Pasquale 13:11 14/03/16

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Brooklyn 13:09 14/03/16

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Leonard 12:16 14/03/16

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Kristopher 12:16 14/03/16

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Christoper 12:16 14/03/16

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Quincy 12:13 14/03/16

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Forrest 12:03 14/03/16

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Please wait https://klubpodroznikow.com/motrin-printable-coupon-canada-2014.pdf kerb after ib motrin pain reliever parents testing In this Saturday, July 13, 2013. photo, George Zimmerman, center, speaks with his legal counsel, Mark O'Mara, right, and Don West during Zimmerman's second degree murder trial for the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. Whether they think he got away with murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin or that he was just a brave neighborhood watch volunteer “standing his ground,” many Americans can’t seem to get enough of George Zimmerman. And he can’t seem to stop giving it to them. (AP Photo/Orlando Sentinel, Gary W. Green, Pool)

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Franklyn 11:30 14/03/16

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Ronald 10:10 14/03/16

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Freeman 09:46 14/03/16

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Spencer 09:46 14/03/16

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Morton 09:39 14/03/16

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Avery 09:35 14/03/16

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Infest 09:35 14/03/16

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Hayden 09:28 14/03/16

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Brock 09:28 14/03/16

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Stanley 09:20 14/03/16

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Stephanie 09:00 14/03/16

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Dro4er 09:00 14/03/16

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Douglas 08:50 14/03/16

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Quintin 08:37 14/03/16

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Roscoe 08:15 14/03/16

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Donte 08:15 14/03/16

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Arlie 08:15 14/03/16

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Dannie 08:15 14/03/16

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Isiah 08:15 14/03/16

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Teodoro 08:07 14/03/16

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Diva 07:50 14/03/16

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Gabriella 07:50 14/03/16

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Davis 07:30 14/03/16

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Jessica 07:28 14/03/16

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Scottie 07:28 14/03/16

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Allen 07:00 14/03/16

Where's the nearest cash machine? https://www.provadis-hochschule.de/?generic-metoprolol-er-cost.pptx dainty replace metoprolol atenolol equivalent trip If you systematically listen to the most extroverted employees, you may or may not be getting the best advice. Many extroverts are excellent communicators, but there's no correlation between expressing an idea assertively or charismatically, and having a good idea. Introverts' ideas may be poor or excellent; the same is true of extroverts. We need systems that reward the best ideas, not the best presenters.

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Ronnie 00:58 14/03/16

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Willie 18:15 13/03/16

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Waldo 17:39 13/03/16

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Tracy 16:50 13/03/16

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Seymour 15:55 13/03/16

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Rikky 15:17 13/03/16

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Kidrock 14:47 13/03/16

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Alvaro 14:45 13/03/16

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Ferdinand 14:28 13/03/16

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Antonia 14:28 13/03/16

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Lenard 14:24 13/03/16

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Morris 14:24 13/03/16

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Carlton 09:05 13/03/16

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Darryl 08:47 13/03/16

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Irvin 08:38 13/03/16

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Titus 08:35 13/03/16

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Stacey 08:22 13/03/16

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Emmitt 08:15 13/03/16

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Marlon 06:37 13/03/16

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Buster 06:18 13/03/16

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Javier 05:37 13/03/16

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Randolph 05:36 13/03/16

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Tyler 05:22 13/03/16

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Rodolfo 04:36 13/03/16

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Lucio 04:31 13/03/16

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Nicky 04:23 13/03/16

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Mary 04:23 13/03/16

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Edward 04:23 13/03/16

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Lorenzo 04:23 13/03/16

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Ricardo 04:23 13/03/16

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Chauncey 04:23 13/03/16

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Edgar 04:14 13/03/16

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Steve 04:14 13/03/16

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Elton 04:09 13/03/16

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Tomas 04:04 13/03/16

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Duane 03:28 13/03/16

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Michal 03:25 13/03/16

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Hilario 03:08 13/03/16

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Brody 03:01 13/03/16

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Wesley 03:01 13/03/16

The manager https://www.ivanexpert.com/cost-albuterol-sulfate.pdf syringe combivent respimat coupon card wolves elton &#8220;I think that we&#8217;ll know over weeks and months precisely what happened and who should then be held accountable, and we will hold them accountable,&#8221; NSA Deputy Director John Inglis said.

Jermaine 03:01 13/03/16

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Jake 02:56 13/03/16

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Benny 02:51 13/03/16

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Leonardo 01:44 13/03/16

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Harvey 00:27 13/03/16

Could you tell me my balance, please? https://www.provadis-hochschule.de/?lasix-60-mg-po-qam.pptx spice high dose lasix in acute renal failure shall The publishers are Lagardere SCA's Hachette BookGroup Inc, News Corp's HarperCollins Publishers LLC,Pearson Plc's Penguin Group (USA) Inc, CBS Corp's Simon & Schuster Inc and Verlagsgruppe Georg vonHoltzbrinck GmbH's Macmillan. All settled with U.S. regulators.

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Foster 00:06 13/03/16

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Leland 00:05 13/03/16

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Solomon 23:56 12/03/16

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Joseph 22:45 12/03/16

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Freddie 22:09 12/03/16

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Camila 21:21 12/03/16

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Who do you work for? https://www.gebman.com/index.php/endep-10-10mg-tablets.pdf reject endep 10mg won (Additional reporting by Warren Strobel and Anna Yukhananov in Washington, Tim Cocks in Lagos, Tommy Trenchard in Freetown, Alastair Macdonald in London, Dan Williams in Jerusalem and Elise Knutsen in Dakar; Editing by Daniel Flynn and Alastair Macdonald)

Robby 21:13 12/03/16

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We used to work together https://www.ivanexpert.com/tamoxifen-buy.pdf hasty colonize nolvadex d obtained Meanwhile, the report also revealed that the number of women opting for long-acting reversible contraceptive devices (LARCs), such as the IUD (intrauterine device), rose by 28% last year compared to 2011. According to Well Woman, this suggests that an increasing number of women are opting for long-acting methods rather than taking the oral contraceptive pill.

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Angel 20:54 12/03/16

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Where do you study?

Gayle 11:21 09/03/16

Where's the nearest cash machine?

Olivia 11:21 09/03/16

Why did you come to ?

Adam 11:21 09/03/16

Is there ?

Lamar 11:21 09/03/16

A company car

Jeramy 11:21 09/03/16

Wonderfull great site

Gregory 11:21 09/03/16

Will I have to work on Saturdays?

Bertram 11:21 09/03/16

I'd like to apply for this job

Jacob 11:21 09/03/16

I've got a very weak signal

Milford 09:54 09/03/16

What are the hours of work?

Angelina 09:54 09/03/16

I'll put her on

Cordell 09:54 09/03/16

I've just started at

Lonny 09:54 09/03/16

I'm not sure

Hunter 09:54 09/03/16

How long have you lived here?

Cooler111 09:54 09/03/16


Brant 09:54 09/03/16

A First Class stamp

Paris 09:54 09/03/16

Three years

Jamal 09:54 09/03/16

Could you please repeat that?

Winford 09:54 09/03/16

I'm not working at the moment

Jefferey 08:27 09/03/16

Good crew it's cool :)

Antwan 08:27 09/03/16

Another year

Bryce 08:27 09/03/16

I went to

Carter 08:27 09/03/16

Do you know what extension he's on?

Lenard 08:27 09/03/16

Cool site goodluck :)

Danielle 08:27 09/03/16

I wanted to live abroad

Rupert 08:27 09/03/16

When do you want me to start?

Burton 08:27 09/03/16

Will I get paid for overtime?

Grady 08:27 09/03/16

this post is fantastic

Edmundo 08:27 09/03/16

Children with disabilities

Ferdinand 18:06 07/03/16

Could I make an appointment to see ?

Simon 18:06 07/03/16

Your account's overdrawn

Curt 18:06 07/03/16

real beauty page

Edgardo 18:06 07/03/16

I'm interested in

Darrick 18:06 07/03/16

I'd like to send this parcel to

Ignacio 18:06 07/03/16

I'll text you later

Robbie 18:06 07/03/16

How much is a First Class stamp?

Coleman 18:06 07/03/16

I'd like to send this to

Donovan 18:06 07/03/16

Can I take your number?

Shirley 18:06 07/03/16

I've lost my bank card

Kyle 16:39 07/03/16

When do you want me to start?

Trinidad 16:39 07/03/16

Who's calling?

Denis 16:39 07/03/16

Other amount

Edward 16:39 07/03/16

I came here to study

Dwain 16:39 07/03/16

We've got a joint account

Jeromy 16:39 07/03/16

I'd like to tell you about a change of address

Davis 16:39 07/03/16

How much does the job pay?

Giuseppe 16:39 07/03/16

There's a three month trial period

Bryce 16:39 07/03/16

Do you know what extension he's on?

Rodolfo 16:39 07/03/16

It's a bad line

Connor 15:10 07/03/16

The manager

Sherman 15:10 07/03/16

A few months

Mitch 15:10 07/03/16

Could I borrow your phone, please?

Bertram 15:10 07/03/16

What qualifications have you got?

Frederick 15:10 07/03/16

I don't know what I want to do after university

Edwin 15:10 07/03/16

I've just started at

Josiah 15:10 07/03/16

I'm sorry, I'm not interested

Eldridge 15:10 07/03/16

Will I have to work shifts?

Ollie 15:10 07/03/16

How many are there in a book?

Herbert 15:10 07/03/16

International directory enquiries

Stacy 13:42 07/03/16


Dominique 13:42 07/03/16

Thanks funny site

Russell 13:42 07/03/16

Can I call you back?

Truman 13:42 07/03/16

Which team do you support?

Kraig 13:42 07/03/16

I'd like , please

Waldo 13:42 07/03/16

I've just started at

Rosendo 13:42 07/03/16

I'm on a course at the moment

Antonio 13:42 07/03/16

I love the theatre

Lonnie 13:42 07/03/16

I want to make a withdrawal

Royal 13:42 07/03/16

We'll need to take up references

Pasquale 12:17 07/03/16

It's serious

Rebecca 12:17 07/03/16

Very Good Site

Alfredo 12:17 07/03/16

I love the theatre

Isaiah 12:17 07/03/16

I need to charge up my phone

Ahmad 12:17 07/03/16

Where did you go to university?

Edmond 12:17 07/03/16

We went to university together

Felix 12:17 07/03/16

What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

Fritz 12:17 07/03/16

Do you know the number for ?

Brooklyn 12:17 07/03/16

I can't stand football

Broderick 12:17 07/03/16

I'm in my first year at university

Dexter 10:51 07/03/16

What's the exchange rate for euros?

Emanuel 10:51 07/03/16

A financial advisor

Hollis 10:51 07/03/16

How long have you lived here?

Stevie 10:51 07/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Raleigh 10:51 07/03/16

I'd like to tell you about a change of address

Lawerence 10:51 07/03/16

very best job

Warren 10:51 07/03/16

Hello good day

Arianna 10:51 07/03/16

Yes, I love it!

Ellsworth 10:51 07/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Rosario 10:51 07/03/16

A few months

Roman 09:25 07/03/16

This is the job description

Francis 09:25 07/03/16

I came here to study

Amado 09:25 07/03/16

What university do you go to?

Isidro 09:25 07/03/16

I'm afraid that number's ex-directory

Lindsey 09:25 07/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Sylvester 09:25 07/03/16

I'll put him on

Roman 09:25 07/03/16

I saw your advert in the paper

Adalberto 09:25 07/03/16

What's the interest rate on this account?

Robert 09:25 07/03/16

I'd like some euros

Nelson 09:25 07/03/16

Did you go to university?

Moses 07:59 07/03/16

Not available at the moment

Liam 07:59 07/03/16

It's a bad line

Nolan 07:59 07/03/16

Which team do you support?

Allen 07:59 07/03/16

How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

Buford 07:59 07/03/16

I'm in a band

Jerry 07:59 07/03/16

I'm sorry, she's

Leigh 07:59 07/03/16

What part of do you come from?

Gaston 07:59 07/03/16

Not in at the moment

Luke 07:59 07/03/16

I'd like to cancel a cheque

Sherwood 07:59 07/03/16

Could you send me an application form?

Alexandra 06:34 07/03/16

Who do you work for?

Elliot 06:34 07/03/16

I'd like to cancel a cheque

Aaron 06:34 07/03/16

Can you hear me OK?

Anthony 06:34 07/03/16

I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage

Reynaldo 06:34 07/03/16

Please call back later

Brooke 06:34 07/03/16

What's the exchange rate for euros?

Desmond 06:34 07/03/16

Where are you from?

Harold 06:34 07/03/16

We'd like to invite you for an interview

Alvin 06:34 07/03/16

What do you want to do when you've finished?

Sarah 05:09 07/03/16

Where did you go to university?

John 05:09 07/03/16

Sorry, you must have the wrong number

Ralph 05:09 07/03/16

How do I get an outside line?

Lillian 05:09 07/03/16

How much were you paid in your last job?

Kidrock 05:09 07/03/16

I'd like a phonecard, please

Guillermo 05:09 07/03/16

A pension scheme

Randy 05:09 07/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Caroline 05:09 07/03/16

Could I ask who's calling?

Nicholas 05:09 07/03/16

Will I get travelling expenses?

Domenic 03:45 07/03/16


Jarrod 03:45 07/03/16

I quite like cooking

Devin 03:45 07/03/16

There's a three month trial period

Faith 03:45 07/03/16

I'm retired

Forest 03:45 07/03/16

Could I borrow your phone, please?

Rodger 03:45 07/03/16

How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

Irea 03:45 07/03/16

Could I order a new chequebook, please?

Palmer 03:45 07/03/16

Have you seen any good films recently?

Chadwick 03:45 07/03/16

I've come to collect a parcel

Dewitt 03:45 07/03/16

I can't stand football

Fausto 02:21 07/03/16

Another year

Arnoldo 02:21 07/03/16

this is be cool 8)

Joseph 02:21 07/03/16

I was made redundant two months ago

Lanny 02:21 07/03/16

I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage

Esteban 02:21 07/03/16

What's your number?

Jamaal 02:21 07/03/16

I came here to study

Grady 02:21 07/03/16

How do you know each other?

Tyson 02:21 07/03/16

We'd like to offer you the job

Rocky 02:21 07/03/16

Can you hear me OK?

Daren 02:21 07/03/16

Other amount

Israel 00:56 07/03/16

What qualifications have you got?

Quaker 00:56 07/03/16

I'm interested in

Parker 00:56 07/03/16

Could you send me an application form?

Kirby 00:56 07/03/16

It's OK

Myles 00:56 07/03/16

i'm fine good work

Gabriella 00:56 07/03/16

I can't get a signal

Morgan 00:56 07/03/16

What part of do you come from?

Lucas 00:56 07/03/16

The National Gallery

Raymundo 00:56 07/03/16

Would you like to leave a message?

Logan 00:56 07/03/16

I'd like to send this parcel to

Trenton 23:14 06/03/16

It's a bad line

Kelvin 23:14 06/03/16

Children with disabilities

Doyle 23:14 06/03/16

I'm on holiday

Alvin 23:14 06/03/16

very best job

Emmanuel 23:14 06/03/16

I'll put her on

Crazyfrog 23:14 06/03/16

An envelope

Zackary 23:14 06/03/16

Lost credit card

Darius 23:14 06/03/16

I don't like pubs

Alfred 23:14 06/03/16

I'll call back later

Stacy 23:14 06/03/16

Have you got a telephone directory?

Jordon 21:44 06/03/16

Do you know what extension he's on?

Esteban 21:44 06/03/16

I'm interested in

Angelo 21:44 06/03/16

I'm unemployed

Terrell 21:44 06/03/16


Prince 21:44 06/03/16

Do you know the address?

Quinn 21:44 06/03/16

Will I be paid weekly or monthly?

Diva 21:44 06/03/16


Steven 21:44 06/03/16

Which university are you at?

Elvis 21:44 06/03/16

I'm a partner in

Branden 20:17 06/03/16

On another call

Casey 20:17 06/03/16

Enter your PIN

Arnoldo 20:17 06/03/16

A company car

Leopoldo 20:17 06/03/16

Will I have to work shifts?

Shayne 20:17 06/03/16

What sort of work do you do?

Alfonzo 20:17 06/03/16


Herbert 20:17 06/03/16

We work together

Ricardo 20:17 06/03/16

How do I get an outside line?

Hobert 20:17 06/03/16

I live in London

Marquis 20:17 06/03/16

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Toney 18:49 06/03/16

Could you tell me the dialing code for ?

Jacob 18:49 06/03/16

Will I have to work shifts?

Ayden 18:49 06/03/16

Withdraw cash

Rashad 18:49 06/03/16

I've got a very weak signal

Marcos 18:49 06/03/16

this is be cool 8)

Lavern 18:49 06/03/16

Where do you study?

Alonso 18:49 06/03/16

I'm a partner in

Berry 18:49 06/03/16

I work here

Odell 18:49 06/03/16

Could you ask her to call me?

Galen 18:49 06/03/16

I love this site

Ernie 17:23 06/03/16

Gloomy tales

Goodsam 17:23 06/03/16

I love the theatre

Dogkill 17:23 06/03/16

I've come to collect a parcel

Geraldo 17:23 06/03/16

How long have you lived here?

Goodboy 17:23 06/03/16

Free medical insurance

Adolph 17:23 06/03/16

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name

Dominic 17:23 06/03/16

One moment, please

Kenny 17:23 06/03/16

Another service?

Barney 17:23 06/03/16

Could you tell me the number for ?

Kenton 17:23 06/03/16

It's OK

Adam 15:54 06/03/16

What's the exchange rate for euros?

Rusty 15:54 06/03/16

I'd like to send this parcel to

Barry 15:54 06/03/16

I don't know what I want to do after university

Berry 15:54 06/03/16

In tens, please (ten pound notes)

Stewart 15:54 06/03/16

I'd like to open a business account

Mitchell 15:54 06/03/16

I've got a part-time job

Eliseo 15:54 06/03/16

Do you know what extension he's on?

Luke 15:54 06/03/16

We'd like to offer you the job

Connie 15:54 06/03/16

I've lost my bank card

Aiden 15:54 06/03/16

I'd like to open a personal account

Calvin 14:26 06/03/16

I can't get a signal

Zachary 14:26 06/03/16

Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account?

Kristofer 14:26 06/03/16

I work for a publishers

Jarrod 14:26 06/03/16

I'd like to cancel a cheque

Roger 14:26 06/03/16

I've been cut off

Moshe 14:26 06/03/16

Do you know the address?

Arianna 14:26 06/03/16

We're at university together

Cesar 14:26 06/03/16

Three years

Seth 14:26 06/03/16

I'm unemployed

Abraham 14:26 06/03/16

I'm on holiday

Guadalupe 12:58 06/03/16

Is there ?

Blaine 12:58 06/03/16

How do you do?

Dominique 12:58 06/03/16

Could I order a new chequebook, please?

Clemente 12:58 06/03/16

Would you like to leave a message?

Dannie 12:58 06/03/16

Yes, I play the guitar

Garret 12:58 06/03/16

Looking for work

Carlos 12:58 06/03/16

I'm sorry, I'm not interested

Murray 12:58 06/03/16

I saw your advert in the paper

Fletcher 12:58 06/03/16

I'll call back later

Connor 12:58 06/03/16

I'm a trainee

Anna 11:31 06/03/16

Whereabouts are you from?

Willian 11:31 06/03/16

Another year

Mohamed 11:31 06/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Jamison 11:31 06/03/16

Do you need a work permit?

Goodsam 11:31 06/03/16

I've lost my bank card

Solomon 11:31 06/03/16

How many would you like?

Virgilio 11:31 06/03/16

I want to report a

Faustino 11:31 06/03/16

Do you know what extension he's on?

Brock 11:31 06/03/16

How much will it cost to send this letter to ?

Ronny 11:31 06/03/16

International directory enquiries

Patricia 10:05 06/03/16

I don't like pubs

Burton 10:05 06/03/16

In tens, please (ten pound notes)

Molly 10:05 06/03/16

Hold the line, please

Ferdinand 10:05 06/03/16

A First Class stamp

Prince 10:05 06/03/16

I'd like to send this to

Booker 10:05 06/03/16

I'm a partner in

Marlon 10:05 06/03/16

Stolen credit card

Madison 10:05 06/03/16

I'm doing a phd in chemistry

Alonzo 10:05 06/03/16

real beauty page

Lesley 08:39 06/03/16

magic story very thanks

Frederic 08:39 06/03/16

Wonderfull great site

Dante 08:39 06/03/16

I'm retired

Molly 08:39 06/03/16

I can't get a dialling tone

Sidney 08:39 06/03/16

I'll put her on

Jessie 08:39 06/03/16

I'd like to order some foreign currency

Weldon 08:39 06/03/16

I'd like to pay this cheque in, please

Leland 08:39 06/03/16

Very Good Site

Antoine 08:39 06/03/16

Whereabouts are you from?

Stuart 08:39 06/03/16

Could I have , please?

Jarod 07:12 06/03/16

Where's the nearest cash machine?

Carlton 07:12 06/03/16

magic story very thanks

Jarred 07:12 06/03/16

I'd like to tell you about a change of address

Lillian 07:12 06/03/16

Could you tell me the number for ?

Jackson 07:12 06/03/16

I do some voluntary work

Elliot 07:12 06/03/16

I came here to study

Horace 07:12 06/03/16

What do you do?

Lindsay 07:12 06/03/16

This is the job description

Tommie 07:12 06/03/16

How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

Whitney 07:12 06/03/16

I'd like to cancel this standing order

Lincoln 05:47 06/03/16

I'm in my first year at university

James 05:47 06/03/16

A Second Class stamp

Jonathan 05:47 06/03/16

I've got a part-time job

Blair 05:47 06/03/16

I'll text you later

Shannon 05:47 06/03/16

I'm on business

Robbie 05:47 06/03/16

I'm only getting an answering machine

Stacey 05:47 06/03/16

How much will it cost to send this letter to ?

Willie 05:47 06/03/16

How do you know each other?

Carmelo 05:47 06/03/16

An envelope

Michal 05:47 06/03/16

I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name

Andrew 04:22 06/03/16

I live here

Jamie 04:22 06/03/16

Do you like it here?

Gabriel 04:22 06/03/16

The manager

Boris 04:22 06/03/16

I hate shopping

Friend35 04:22 06/03/16


Tanner 04:22 06/03/16

Do you like it here?

Elwood 04:22 06/03/16

Best Site good looking

Freelife 04:22 06/03/16

I'd like to change some money

Tyson 04:22 06/03/16

Is this a temporary or permanent position?

Adam 04:21 06/03/16

Your account's overdrawn

Bobby 02:57 06/03/16

Could I take your name and number, please?

Sammie 02:57 06/03/16

Could I have an application form?

Cleveland 02:57 06/03/16

this post is fantastic

Vaughn 02:57 06/03/16

I live in London

Alfredo 02:57 06/03/16

I love the theatre

Eugenio 02:57 06/03/16

Who would I report to?

Darren 02:57 06/03/16

I've been made redundant

Percy 02:56 06/03/16

Who's calling?

Damian 02:56 06/03/16

I read a lot

Amelia 00:04 06/03/16

We used to work together

Federico 00:04 06/03/16

I work for a publishers

Moises 00:04 06/03/16

Do you play any instruments?

Sonny 00:04 06/03/16

We're at university together

Luciano 00:04 06/03/16

I'd like to send this to

Allan 00:04 06/03/16

I'd like to pay this in, please

Benton 00:04 06/03/16

How long have you lived here?

Leslie 00:04 06/03/16

I've been made redundant

Roland 00:04 06/03/16

Which year are you in?

Roderick 22:28 05/03/16

What line of work are you in?

Dannie 22:28 05/03/16

Where do you study?

Alfonzo 22:28 05/03/16

I've got a very weak signal

Bryan 22:28 05/03/16

Lost credit card

Isaias 22:27 05/03/16

I'm retired

Darnell 22:27 05/03/16

Do you know the number for ?

Kenneth 22:27 05/03/16

Where did you go to university?

Jarrod 22:27 05/03/16

I'm not working at the moment

Ralph 22:27 05/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Tommie 22:27 05/03/16

I'd like to take the job

Emily 21:00 05/03/16

I'm not interested in football

Billie 21:00 05/03/16

I'd like to open an account

Marvin 21:00 05/03/16

When can you start?

Vincent 21:00 05/03/16

Have you got a telephone directory?

Gaston 21:00 05/03/16

I'd like , please

Francis 21:00 05/03/16

I'm a trainee

Gustavo 21:00 05/03/16

Insufficient funds

Moises 21:00 05/03/16

Where do you study?

Ignacio 21:00 05/03/16

How many are there in a book?

Devon 21:00 05/03/16

A financial advisor

Adolph 19:31 05/03/16

Until August

Adalberto 19:31 05/03/16

We work together

Arnulfo 19:31 05/03/16

What's the current interest rate for personal loans?

Manual 19:31 05/03/16

Could you give me some smaller notes?

Luciano 19:31 05/03/16

Best Site Good Work

Tommie 19:31 05/03/16

We used to work together

Humberto 19:31 05/03/16

Special Delivery

Nigel 19:31 05/03/16

Through friends

Virgilio 19:31 05/03/16

Insufficient funds

Serenity 19:31 05/03/16

I'm on holiday

Allison 18:03 05/03/16

I like watching football

Ivory 18:03 05/03/16

I've been cut off

Seymour 18:03 05/03/16

Looking for a job

Hilario 18:03 05/03/16

Stolen credit card

Alejandro 18:03 05/03/16

I never went to university

Isabella 18:03 05/03/16

I wanted to live abroad

Dexter 18:03 05/03/16

Where's the nearest cash machine?

Jose 18:03 05/03/16

How long are you planning to stay here?

Paige 18:03 05/03/16

Where are you calling from?

Louie 18:03 05/03/16

I like watching football

Vanessa 16:35 05/03/16

I'm about to run out of credit

Arnulfo 16:35 05/03/16

Can I use your phone?

Malik 16:35 05/03/16

I came here to study

Young 16:35 05/03/16

Could you tell me my balance, please?

Mason 16:35 05/03/16

How much will it cost to send this letter to ?

Frankie 16:35 05/03/16

How long are you planning to stay here?

Dante 16:35 05/03/16

I'm doing an internship

Emilio 16:35 05/03/16

I can't get a dialling tone

Irea 16:35 05/03/16

I'd like to cancel a cheque

Rudolf 16:35 05/03/16

How many weeks' holiday a year are there?

Roman 15:07 05/03/16

Recorded Delivery

Cornell 15:07 05/03/16

Pleased to meet you

Camila 15:07 05/03/16

Is this a temporary or permanent position?

Ernesto 15:07 05/03/16

Just over two years

Darrell 15:07 05/03/16

Looking for a job

Herschel 15:07 05/03/16

Another year

Sylvester 15:07 05/03/16

I'll text you later

Melanie 15:07 05/03/16

I'm on business

Johnson 15:07 05/03/16

Would you like to leave a message?

Brooks 15:07 05/03/16

I'm afraid that number's ex-directory

Kevin 12:13 05/03/16

I'm in my first year at university

Morgan 12:13 05/03/16

Get a job

Logan 12:13 05/03/16

I'd like to order some foreign currency

Harvey 12:13 05/03/16

I've got a very weak signal

Jesse 12:13 05/03/16

Did you go to university?

Gaylord 12:13 05/03/16

How many would you like?

Maxwell 12:13 05/03/16

I'd like to order some foreign currency

Jordan 12:13 05/03/16

Where's the postbox?

Ronnie 12:13 05/03/16

I'd like to change some money

Erick 12:12 05/03/16

I enjoy travelling

Doyle 09:20 05/03/16

We'd like to offer you the job

Dallas 09:20 05/03/16

Are you a student?

Serenity 09:20 05/03/16

What are the hours of work?

Antwan 09:20 05/03/16

I don't like pubs

Kyle 09:20 05/03/16

About a year

Dominick 09:20 05/03/16

A book of First Class stamps

Leopoldo 09:20 05/03/16

Where are you from?

Dante 09:20 05/03/16

How do you spell that?

Diana 09:20 05/03/16

Where's the postbox?

Sebastian 09:20 05/03/16

I've just started at

Moises 07:54 05/03/16

How long have you lived here?

Vida 07:54 05/03/16

How much were you paid in your last job?

Prince 07:54 05/03/16

A pension scheme

Marlin 07:54 05/03/16

Thanks funny site

Thebest 07:54 05/03/16

I've got a full-time job

Nathanael 07:54 05/03/16

About a year

Weston 07:54 05/03/16

I'm afraid that number's ex-directory

Aubrey 07:54 05/03/16

Very Good Site

Hershel 07:54 05/03/16

How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

Wally 07:54 05/03/16

I came here to study

Chuck 06:27 05/03/16

An accountancy practice

Wyatt 06:27 05/03/16

How much is a Second Class stamp?

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We need someone with experience

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I need to charge up my phone

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I'd like to pay this cheque in, please

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How much does the job pay?

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When can you start?

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Could I have a statement, please?

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Lost credit card

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Where are you calling from?

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Another service?

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Gloomy tales

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I'll call back later

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An envelope

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Will I get travelling expenses?

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Where's the postbox?

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I'm a housewife

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The United States

Mikel 03:35 05/03/16

I've been cut off

Frederic 03:35 05/03/16

Have you got a current driving licence?

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I work for a publishers

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A Second Class stamp

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Which university are you at?

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I'd like to change some money

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Is there ?

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I wanted to live abroad

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Do you need a work permit?

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I want to make a withdrawal

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Some First Class stamps

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Not available at the moment

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I can't get a dialling tone

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Could you give me some smaller notes?

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Where do you study?

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I'm interested in

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I live in London

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I'll call back later

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Enter your PIN

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I've come to collect a parcel

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Where's the nearest cash machine?

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How many would you like?

Caden 00:43 05/03/16

We need someone with experience

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Is there ?

Trenton 22:58 04/03/16

Incorrect PIN

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Who's calling?

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I can't get a dialling tone

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What's your number?

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I'd like to pay this in, please

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I'm doing a masters in law

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Which team do you support?

David 21:32 04/03/16

We'd like to offer you the job

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I quite like cooking

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A company car

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How many days will it take for the cheque to clear?

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Insufficient funds

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How do I get an outside line?

Sarah 21:32 04/03/16

I'm sorry, I'm not interested

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Could I borrow your phone, please?

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Where are you from?

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I'd like to order some foreign currency

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I'm originally from Dublin but now live in Edinburgh

Barton 20:06 04/03/16

I'd like to apply for this job

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A Second Class stamp

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Recorded Delivery

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Can you hear me OK?

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How do you know each other?

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I'm at Liverpool University

Michael 20:06 04/03/16

I work for a publishers

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good material thanks

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Yes, I play the guitar

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address

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Where's the nearest cash machine?

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A few months

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Who would I report to?

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I'd like some euros

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I sing in a choir

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I'm sorry, I'm not interested

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I can't get through at the moment

Savannah 17:12 04/03/16

I can't get a signal

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Could I have a statement, please?

Daryl 17:12 04/03/16

Which team do you support?

Clement 17:12 04/03/16

Another year

Jayden 17:12 04/03/16

Lost credit card

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I want to report a

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Another service?

Mitch 15:44 04/03/16

This is your employment contract

Ismael 15:44 04/03/16

I can't hear you very well

Mckinley 15:44 04/03/16

Have you seen any good films recently?

German 15:44 04/03/16

Could you tell me my balance, please?

Addison 15:44 04/03/16

What sort of music do you listen to?

Hosea 15:44 04/03/16

I like watching football

Jane 15:44 04/03/16

I'm on business

Robert 15:44 04/03/16

What line of work are you in?

Michelle 15:44 04/03/16

Go travelling

Theron 15:44 04/03/16

I've got a very weak signal

Francisco 12:52 04/03/16

It's a bad line

Thaddeus 12:52 04/03/16

I'd like to send this letter by

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I went to

Davis 12:52 04/03/16

Where's the nearest cash machine?

Monte 12:52 04/03/16

I'm about to run out of credit

Savannah 12:52 04/03/16

I'd like to send this letter by

Anna 12:52 04/03/16

An envelope

Anton 12:52 04/03/16

Your cash is being counted

Moshe 12:52 04/03/16

I support Manchester United

Werner 12:52 04/03/16

We went to university together

Romeo 11:25 04/03/16

Where do you live?

Wesley 11:25 04/03/16

I'd like to speak to someone about a mortgage

Lucien 11:25 04/03/16

I don't like pubs

Lyman 11:25 04/03/16

I'm a trainee

Marcelino 11:25 04/03/16

I'd like to pay this cheque in, please

Morris 11:25 04/03/16

What's the current interest rate for personal loans?

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How many would you like?

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Another service?

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I love this site

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I live in London

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I've got a part-time job

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I'd like to apply for this job

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I'm not sure

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How do you know each other?

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I'm from England

Roger 08:30 04/03/16


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What do you want to do when you've finished?

Kimberly 08:30 04/03/16

I hate shopping

Jarrett 08:30 04/03/16

I love the theatre

Ivory 07:03 04/03/16

Please wait

Hilton 07:03 04/03/16

Have you got any qualifications?

Freeman 07:03 04/03/16

I'm a member of a gym

Sonny 07:03 04/03/16

Which team do you support?

Armando 07:03 04/03/16

I'm sorry, he's

Erick 07:03 04/03/16

Other amount

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I've come to collect a parcel

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Can I use your phone?

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No, I'm not particularly sporty

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Just over two years

Porter 05:39 04/03/16

Where do you come from?

Hiram 05:39 04/03/16


Morgan 05:39 04/03/16

Would you like a receipt?

Jayden 05:39 04/03/16

I'm at Liverpool University

Claire 05:39 04/03/16

Please call back later

Weldon 05:39 04/03/16

Can I use your phone?

Adalberto 05:38 04/03/16

How do I get an outside line?

Gaston 05:38 04/03/16

Could I order a new chequebook, please?

Geraldo 04:13 04/03/16

I'm retired

Rodney 04:13 04/03/16

I want to make a withdrawal

Brice 04:13 04/03/16

How many weeks' holiday a year are there?

Lauren 04:13 04/03/16

Until August

Leslie 04:13 04/03/16

Have you got a current driving licence?

Federico 04:13 04/03/16

I'm on business

Truman 04:13 04/03/16

Have you got any ?

Florentino 04:13 04/03/16

Incorrect PIN

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What sort of work do you do?

Floyd 04:13 04/03/16

Are you a student?

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I'm not interested in football

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Where are you calling from?

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I can't get through at the moment

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I'd like to pay this cheque in, please

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Just over two years

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We'd like to invite you for an interview

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this is be cool 8)

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I love the theatre

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Sorry, you must have the wrong number

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How many would you like?

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Are you a student?

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I'd like to take the job

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Get a job

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How many weeks' holiday a year are there?

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How would you like the money?

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It's OK

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An accountancy practice

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How long have you lived here?

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Another service?

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Yes, I play the guitar

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Just over two years

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Not in at the moment

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Directory enquiries

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It's OK

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A packet of envelopes

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What do you do?

Gregorio 20:02 03/03/16

A Second Class stamp

Crazyfrog 20:02 03/03/16

I came here to study

Gobiz 18:35 03/03/16

Which year are you in?

Miguel 18:35 03/03/16

I wanted to live abroad

Junior 18:35 03/03/16

An envelope

Tommie 18:35 03/03/16

Children with disabilities

Stuart 18:35 03/03/16

I support Manchester United

Monte 18:35 03/03/16

What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas?

Cornelius 18:35 03/03/16

I'm interested in this position

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I'd like to withdraw $100, please

Desmond 18:35 03/03/16

Who do you work for?

Jules 18:35 03/03/16

The manager

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I'm training to be an engineer

Jeffrey 17:07 03/03/16

I was born in Australia but grew up in England

Damien 17:07 03/03/16

I'd like to send this to

Stuart 17:07 03/03/16

I'm doing an internship

Rusty 17:07 03/03/16

I can't get a signal

Eliseo 17:07 03/03/16

Could you transfer $1000 from my current account to my deposit account?

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Where are you calling from?

Claude 17:07 03/03/16

Could you please repeat that?

Julius 17:06 03/03/16

I went to

Jaime 17:06 03/03/16

I'm in my first year at university

Katherine 15:38 03/03/16

I don't like pubs

Irwin 15:38 03/03/16

It's serious

Eliseo 15:38 03/03/16

What sort of music do you listen to?

Howard 15:38 03/03/16

We've got a joint account

Oscar 15:38 03/03/16


Stewart 15:38 03/03/16

I'm a partner in

Lonny 15:38 03/03/16

Until August

Chester 15:38 03/03/16

How much is a First Class stamp?

Randall 15:38 03/03/16

International directory enquiries

Delmer 14:10 03/03/16

I don't like pubs

Sandy 14:10 03/03/16

I'd like to take the job

Derek 14:10 03/03/16

No, I'm not particularly sporty

Alexander 14:10 03/03/16

What sort of work do you do?

Sanford 14:10 03/03/16

Do you play any instruments?

Jessica 14:10 03/03/16

this post is fantastic

Danielle 14:10 03/03/16

Get a job

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I'll call back later

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I love this site

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I'm training to be an engineer

Miles 12:45 03/03/16

I work here

Brendon 12:45 03/03/16

Can I call you back?

Elden 12:45 03/03/16

Stolen credit card

Rupert 12:45 03/03/16

I study here

Fernando 12:45 03/03/16

Have you seen any good films recently?

Monte 12:45 03/03/16

Do you like it here?

Eldon 12:45 03/03/16

What do you do?

Aaliyah 12:45 03/03/16

In tens, please (ten pound notes)

Franklyn 12:45 03/03/16

I'm sorry, he's

Stanford 12:45 03/03/16

Some First Class stamps

Jewel 11:18 03/03/16

Get a job

Fabian 11:18 03/03/16

Please call back later

Lamont 11:18 03/03/16

We need someone with experience

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Which year are you in?

Numbers 11:18 03/03/16

Not in at the moment

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When can you start?

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Do you know each other?

Nigel 11:18 03/03/16

good material thanks

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Have you got any ?

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I'd like to cancel this standing order

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I'd like to send this letter by

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I'm a member of a gym

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I'm in a band

Joshua 09:51 03/03/16

The manager

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It's serious

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I'm on a course at the moment

Elmer 09:51 03/03/16

I'm retired

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What university do you go to?

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I'd like to tell you about a change of address

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Where are you from?

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Giovanni 05:56 26/02/16

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Rodger 02:19 26/02/16

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Grover 19:48 25/02/16

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Razer22 19:38 25/02/16

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Harland 19:24 25/02/16

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Kirby 18:44 25/02/16

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Dewayne 16:49 25/02/16

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Silas 07:45 25/02/16

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Winston 06:34 25/02/16

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Delbert 06:13 25/02/16

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Danilo 05:58 25/02/16

On another call https://www.tca.nl/skelaxin-classification.pdf clients metaxalone oxycodone interaction reporter Dunno why your original post was downvoted, but I did it with JimmyPage for overdramatic, patronising use of caps when stating something that 99% (if not more,) of the target audience already knows. Thanks for the revelation.

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Vernon 05:42 25/02/16

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Michal 03:00 25/02/16

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Charlie 03:00 25/02/16

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Jane 02:08 25/02/16

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Everette 01:31 25/02/16

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Isabelle 01:31 25/02/16

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Ignacio 01:24 25/02/16

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Reinaldo 01:13 25/02/16

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Raymond 01:13 25/02/16

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Aurelio 01:13 25/02/16

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Leland 01:05 25/02/16

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Johnathon 01:05 25/02/16

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Houston 01:02 25/02/16

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A jiffy bag https://www.gobsamsam.nl/betnovate-gm-composition.pdf admire not betamethasone dipropionate 0.05 oint harass crest I went back and checked all of Jim's posts and couldn't find one instance where he called anybody anything. Is this just another instance where if a right winger doesn't like something but has nothing to rebut it with they simply make something up? Jim's point is spot on. The tea party Republicans, who are always ranting about how they follow the Constitution to the letter, are violating the document in the most outrageous manner since it was written. Where does it state that opposition to a standing law can be used as weapon to paralyze the entire government? Does this mean that anyone who has a gripe against any or all the laws in existence can do the same. If the 'baggers were able to pull this off, does that mean they will then go back after all the laws they feel are "socialistic" or "communistic" or "unconstitutional" and do the same thing? When a

Dalton 00:21 25/02/16

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Kayla 00:04 25/02/16

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Damian 23:48 24/02/16

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Kerry 23:48 24/02/16

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Frederick 23:25 24/02/16

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Norman 23:12 24/02/16

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Rodrick 23:07 24/02/16

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Brendon 22:56 24/02/16

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Abigail 22:12 24/02/16

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Arden 22:12 24/02/16

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Haley 22:12 24/02/16

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Raymond 21:59 24/02/16

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Rayford 21:54 24/02/16

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Crazyivan 21:32 24/02/16

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Jeffrey 21:19 24/02/16

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Coolman 21:14 24/02/16

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Kirby 21:14 24/02/16

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Nathan 21:14 24/02/16

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Noah 20:19 24/02/16

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Stanley 20:19 24/02/16

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Rodolfo 20:00 24/02/16

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Danilo 19:58 24/02/16

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Jared 19:20 24/02/16

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Benjamin 19:20 24/02/16

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Curtis 19:20 24/02/16

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Clair 19:20 24/02/16

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Hannah 19:20 24/02/16

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Jaden 17:20 19/02/16

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