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Фрештел модем и драйвер под линукс. Для Sagem f@st 9520 и Seowon SWU-3220A
Автор: Rage Noir - время 19:05 16/02/11

[root@ragetop gctwimax-0.0.1d]# ./wimax -v --login=ххххххх --pass=ххххххх
Device found
Claimed interface
Chip info: 0070
Firmware info: 1800:1894
MAC: 00:21:07:03:9b:23
Allocated tap interface: wimax0
Search network...
Network found.
bad format: 81 0e
bad format: 81 11
Connecting to BSID: 00:00:32:73:f1:1b
Connected to Network.
Start Authentication.
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-STARTED EAP authentication started
EAP-TLS: Private key not configured
EAP: Failed to initialize EAP method: vendor 0 method 13 (TLS)
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-METHOD EAP vendor 0 method 21 (TTLS) selected
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PEER-CERT depth=2 subject='/CN=WiMAX Forum(R) Server Root-CA/O=WiMAX Forum(R)/C=US'
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PEER-CERT depth=2 subject='/CN=WiMAX Forum(R) Server Root-CA/O=WiMAX Forum(R)/C=US'
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PEER-CERT depth=1 subject='/C=US/O=Intel Corporation/CN=Intel WiMAX Server Sub CA'
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-PEER-CERT depth=0 subject='/O=INTERPROJECT Ltd/OU=000032/CN=aaa.freshtel.com.ua'
EAP-TTLS: Phase 2 MSCHAPV2 authentication succeeded
CTRL-EVENT-EAP-SUCCESS EAP authentication completed successfully
Authentication Succeed.
bad format: 83 23
Connected to BSID: 00:00:32:73:f1:1b
bad format: 83 23
dhcpcd[30108]: version 5.2.10 starting
dhcpcd[30108]: wimax0: broadcasting for a lease
dhcpcd[30108]: wimax0: offered from
dhcpcd[30108]: wimax0: acknowledged from
dhcpcd[30108]: wimax0: checking for
RSSI1: -60   CINR1: 30   TX Power: 16   Frequency: 3573000
RSSI2: -57   CINR2: 30
dhcpcd[30108]: wimax0: leased for 86400 seconds
dhcpcd[30108]: forked to background, child pid 30131
RSSI1: -59   CINR1: 30   TX Power: 16   Frequency: 3573000
RSSI2: -56   CINR2: 30

Информация тут, драйвер тут.

Подключается быстро.

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