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Автор: Rage Noir - время 09:06 27/08/10

Может еще кто не видел :)

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AmDN00:53 23/04/18


d1YRg4qdL07:54 29/05/16

It’s all pops and buzzes from here, George. If there’s a nipple (a girl nipple) involved then I’m in, though. At what point do we need to quit booing Nutt as to not make our players think it’s directed toward them? I’m guessing at about 8 minutes into the first quarter. We still somehow win. Win I say!Arkansas – 34Oil Piss – 28Petrino tells Nutt this after the gaDc#&:8221;miek was leading the SEC in passing yards per game. Just imagine what I can do with Mallet next year. You’re fucked!”

Rage18:15 28/08/10

Еду в Магадан

invisible13:15 28/08/10